Inheritance Tax

The amount of an individual’s estate that is taxed when they pass away is known as inheritance tax (IHT). To assist individuals and businesses in complying with tax laws and regulations and reducing their IHT liability, Zero Tax Accountants offers a wide variety of Inheritance Tax services including:

  1. Calculation of inheritance tax: We can determine the amount of IHT owed on your estate and provide you with advice.
  2. We can prepare and submit your IHT returns on time, guaranteeing compliance with tax laws and regulations.
  3. Tax planning and guidance: We can advise you on how to reduce your IHT liability and take advantage of any available tax exemptions and breaks.
  4. Estate planning: We can assist you in making preparations to reduce IHT.
  5. Will and trust creation: To reduce IHT, we can help you draft wills and trusts.
  6. We can assist you in claiming relief for businesses and agricultural property
  7. Probate: We can help you with the probate process and make sure all legal requirements are met.

For both individuals and businesses, accurate Inheritance Tax reporting is crucial, and we at Zero Tax Accountants are aware of this. In order to help you reduce your IHT liability and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations, we will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and offer solutions that are tailored to them.

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