VAT Return Services

In the UK, the majority of goods and services are subject to a tax known as value added tax (VAT). To assist businesses in adhering to VAT laws and regulations and ensuring accurate VAT reporting, Zero Tax Accountants offers a wide range of VAT return services. The services consist of:

  1. Registration for VAT: We can help with registration and make sure all legal requirements are met.
  2. VAT return preparation and filing: We can prepare and file VAT returns on time that comply with VAT laws and regulations
  3. Planning for VAT: We can advise you on how to reduce your VAT liability and take advantage of any available VAT reliefs and exemptions.
  4. VAT Refund: Refunds of overpaid VAT are possible with our assistance.
  5. VAT deregistration: When it’s no longer necessary, we can help you cancel your registration for VAT.
  6. VAT and customs duties: We can help import and export companies comply with VAT and customs duties.

We at Zero Tax Accountants are aware of the value of a quick and accurate VAT return for businesses. Our team of experts is committed to providing our customers with a high-quality, individualized level of service. They have extensive training and experience in the provision of VAT return services.

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